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  • Instantly tells you the perfect “offer price” using my proven 20% Profit Formula! 

What Others Are Saying...

"This software is absolutely brilliant! Takes the guesswork out of determining what to offer or if you should make an offer at all! It is simple and great for me…a person who despises trying to create formulas and winning calculations!"

- Macara Underwood
Phoenix, Arizona

"Very nice software to streamline deal finding efforts. If you wanted to, it’s pretty much a set and forget. Looking forward to continuously receiving new seller leads while i can concentrate more efforts on the close. Thanks Jerry for your ingenuity and generosity. "

- Vic Manis
New York, NY

What Others Are Saying About This Free Software...

"I really liked the software. The function that sticks with me is the SAVE feature! No more having to start and restart! I know that seems pretty basic, but there are other programs out there that do not have this feature."

-Nanci Hanover
Simi Valley, CA

"Jerry’s new software is an amazing tool in deal analyzing. I want to put it into use in my wholesaling real estate business."

- Ephraim Igwilo
Houston, TX

"What I like about the deal analyzer is when i’m doing rehab numbers it has everything preset as far as rehab cost, I can compute the numbers quickly,create my own buy formulas, and save my potential deals so I am able to go back and retrieve information."

- Anthony Wheatley
Calumet City, IL

"It’s an awesome tool to have! Takes out all the guesswork and saves time."

-Jenifer Packer
Tucson, AZ

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